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Sep 27, 2010 at 01:41 AM

SAPgui 7.20 - Patch 2 - SapLogonTree.xml


Hi everyone,

We use a centralised saplogon.ini and set the environment variable SAPLOGON_INI_FILE on our users profiles so that they all access the same centrally managed saplogon.ini.

Now with SAPgui 7.20, the SapLogonTree.xml file is created in the same location as the saplogon.ini ... this is nice and obviously when using the SAPLOGON_INI_FILE or /INI_FILE options implies that it is central to all users.

However I do have a couple of issues with this.

Firstly the SapLogonTree.xml is a great idea, however the fact that it has a Favorites and Shortcuts area implies that each user should be able to drag their own selection of systems into the favorites area and/or create their own shortcuts.

Through a bit of testing if you drag a new favorite, then everyone gets this new favorite. Kind of amusing when a bunch of users start dragging/deleting systems from the Favorites area all impacting each others options.

Ideally I would like to be able to hide the favorites and shortcut options in the saplogon pad. Or allow the use of a central saplogon.ini but using a user specific/distributed SapLogonTree.xml.

Anyone had a play with this??