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Sep 26, 2010 at 08:23 AM

can't get the internal table values


hi all,

i have created a report in which i have DISPLAY EKPO-BANFN and EKKO-EBLEN.For this reason i have created an internal table gi_final,in which my values of both table are coming through.Following are the codes and structure of internal table:

BEGIN OF gi_final OCCURS 0,
       matnr  LIKE  ekpo-matnr,
       ematn  LIKE  ekpo-ematn, "Material Number
       txz01  LIKE  ekpo-txz01, "Mareial Description
       ktmng  LIKE  ekpo-ktmng, "Quantity
       netpr  LIKE  ekpo-netpr, "Rate
       anfnr  LIKE  ekpo-anfnr, "RFQ No.
       banfn  LIKE  ekpo-banfn, "Purchase Requisition Number
       ebeln  LIKE  ekko-ebeln, "Purcahse Order
       ekorg  LIKE  ekko-ekorg,
       bstyp  LIKE  ekko-bstyp, "Purchasing Document Category
       submi  LIKE  ekko-submi, "Collective Number
       lifnr  LIKE  ekko-lifnr, "Vendor Number
       bedat  LIKE  ekko-bedat, "Purchase Order Date
    END OF gi_final.

  select ekko~ebeln ematn txz01 ktmng banfn 
    inner join ekko on
    ekpo~ebeln eq ekko~ebeln
    corresponding fields of table gi_final
    ekko~ekorg  in s_ekorg  and
    ekko~ebeln  in s_ebeln  and
    ekko~submi  in s_submi  and
    ekko~lifnr  in s_lifnr.

    READ TABLE gi_final WITH KEY  ebeln = gi_final-ebeln.
    MOVE gi_final-banfn to gi_detail-banfn.
    MOVE lv_netpr     to gi_detail-netpr.
    MOVE gi_final-ematn TO gi_detail-ematn.
    MOVE gi_final-txz01 TO gi_detail-txz01.
    MOVE gi_final-ktmng TO gi_detail-ktmng.

Probelm is that when i execute it with Debugger my internal table can't get the values of EBELN and BANFN.

Thanks & Regards,


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