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Sep 26, 2010 at 04:20 AM

Blank screen while accessing BOBJ reports from portal


We are on EP 7.01 and have integrated with BOE. We are using BOBJ template iviews and url iviews in portal to launch the BOE Dashboards from Portal. Our reports opens in a new window. The first click opens the reports successfully. SSO works fine .If we click on the link again from portal which opens another new window and we get blank screen and finally get the page cannot be displayed on that after some time . After doing the trace we found that in this scenario the calls to BOBJ never happens .If we compare the case with a successfully launch the request for the BOBJ urls happens immediately.

This problem is not persistent, but intermittent with a chance to reproduce is more than 70%.

We have verified the behavious is same if we use the BOBJ template iview or URL iview.

Any one who is having this issue please share.