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Sep 24, 2010 at 05:07 PM

2nd INCLUDE (for FORMS) in the same Function Group for the same FM?


Hi Experts,

There is a custom FM, already there is a INCLUDE (INCLUDE_for_form_routines_1) in the function group, where in all FORMS (US region sub-routines) code is written.

Now I need to enhance (for Europe region) the same FM by writing some more sub-routines.

So, am thinking of encapsulating all my code in a second INCLUDE (INCLUDE_for_form_routines_2) in the SAME Function group. But, till now I have seen general practise is that all the FMs will have ONLY one INCLUDE for all its routines!! (apart from one more INCLUDE for DATA DECLARATION and one more is for FM source code)

So, is it okay to encapsulate all my (europe specific sub-routines) code in a second INCLUDE (by creating this new INCLUDE) in the same function group? so that there will be 4 INCLUDEs totally in this function group.

Thank you