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Sep 24, 2010 at 11:44 AM

XML Validation against XSD and ACK Message



I have a HTTP -> SAP PI -> IDOC scenario.

HTTP application will send a XML message, now in SAP PI I have to check if this XML message is proper or not (as per the XSD of the message).

If the message is not as per the XSD then SAP PI should respond with a custom XML message to the sending party indicating that the message is not a proper XML (please do not suggest me to configure Alert; I want to provide an ACK and not an alert).

What I think is:

1) I cannot use the XML Validation feature of SAP PI, as it will throw an error and not help me in sending an error-XML message (Acknowledgement) back to the sending party.

2) Using Conditional Receiver Determination, I can check if a node (not) exists/ if a node has required value or not and then call another Service which can send the ACK message back to the Sending Party.

This approach is not feasible in a scenario where I have many fields inside the XML message.

How to proceed on this?

Thank you,