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Sep 24, 2010 at 10:15 AM

CCMS (RZ20-RZ21) E-mail Job Notification


Hello gurus,

I've seen quite some information scattered all around about how to configure the rz20-rz21 to receive email notifications when there's an error in a monitor you've created. However, I have not been able to find a solution for my problem on those guides.

My problem is that I can manually execute the auto reaction method, and the email will be sent to the specific users, however, the auto reaction method is not triggered by itself which is what I would want.

This are the steps I have followed, please, advice:

1.- I have created a shared distribution list on the business workplace (sbwp) called CCMS_ES_EMNT with two recipients: (The sd is within a folder of the same name)

2- I have gone to RZ21 -> display method definitions -> and found the CCMS_OnAlert_Email_V2 method. I have copied it and setted up as follows:

Execution: As it was


SENDER - MySapUsername

RECIPIENT - CCMS_ES_EMNT (Shared Distribution List)



SUBJECT ALERT - whatever


Now, I believe that it should be sending the alerts to the CCMS_ES_EMNT shared distribution and then send the information to the recipients found within.

3.- Configuring RZ20 MTEs - So I have copied SAP CCMS Monitor Templas -> Background Processing -> Aborted Jobs

4.- Flag AbortedJobs -> Propierties and configured it to use the auto reaction method that I had created before (CCMS_OnAlert_Email_V2_ES_EMNT)

Now, I can see that there are alerts under AbortedJobs (Current Alerts -> Flag it -> Display Alerts) from jobs that have failed / canceled / etc.

But the problem is that the alerts are never sent, there's no record of it going through SCOT or SOST or anything. Before, I was using the CCMS_OnAlert_EMail_ES_EMNT (copy of CCMS_OnAlert_Email) but it started to work but it was terminated.

With the new auto reacion method (v2) I don't see any errors, so it should be working....


Now, if I view->status autoreaction and double click on AbortedJobs, I can manually execute the auto-reaction method and it works, but it is not triggered by itself... why?

I truly hope you guys are able to help me.

Kind Regards

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