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Sep 24, 2010 at 07:22 AM

X appears in Report Painter Total



We have a report designed using GRR1 - Report Painter. The table used in the Library is GLPCT.

There is a line to display the total of all the values for a particular Profit Center Group where the postings have gone to Dummy P.

In the selection criteria we mention the Company code, Fiscal Year, Controlling area & Period.

In further selection we mention the Profit Center Group.

However when we execute the rpeort in the Profit center total line displays a small X in the right side. It does not display zero.

However when we double click on that line automatically the report KE5Z is launched. Here we can see that there is value for the line which is not reflected on the main report.

Please let me know what is the error.

Thanks & Regards