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Sep 24, 2010 at 05:39 AM

Inactive Condition Type PB01 in PO for Local Vendor


Dear Gurus,

I have a problem with Condition types in PO for a local vendor ,

My doubt is is it correct or wrong to have a procedure with 2 condition types of the same class i.e. "Price" , as it makes PB01 inactive and PB03 active in PO ( system retains only one price type condition as active due to hard-coded logic of last price in sap , which makes the condition type with lower step as active which should have been PB01 in this case )In customization : "Determination of Calculation schema in purchasing" , I can see procedure "ZLOC" assigned to "ZL" schema grp vendor , the procedure "ZLOC" has PB01 at step 10 counter 1 & PB03 at step 10 counter 3 .

In PO, PB01 is showing inactive which has the correct Price ( Rs.1550) , whereas the next condition type Pb03 shown below Pb01 is showing active but it has price "Zero" , this is making my net price only Rs. 5.78 ( considering discount & taxes)

Pb01 shows a pricing procedure ZLOC2 in t code M/06 whereas PB03 shows a different pricing procedure ZLOC3 . The schema group for the vendor in vendor master is "ZL" .

Both condition types has the same access sequence i.e. 0002. PB01 is Basic Price & PB03 is BasicEDCess+ST-Inc .

Please advise how I can avoid getting PB01 as inactive in the PO in above situation ?

Thanks in Advance,

Anil Shanbhag