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Sep 24, 2010 at 04:02 AM

Error while modifying std. FM



I want to do some modification in the std. FM but I am geting the error mesage,

Carry out modification comparison for FUNC ISM6_CREATE_SD_ORDER_AND_ITEM first. No changes possible

Message no. EU526


You are trying to edit an SAP object that has already been changed or enhanced in the current system. This could be

A change (without Modification Assistant)

A modification (with Modification Assistant)

Through an upgrade or the import of a Support Package, an object version that was changed by SAP has been imported. The new SAP version, however, has not yet been compared with the changed version.

System Response

The system will deny access in change mode or enhancement mode until the objects have been compared.


Run the modification comparison (SPAU) for the object.

If the object is supported by the Modification Assistant, you can compare/adjust it by clicking the stoplight.

If the object was not changed using the Modification Assistant, but by inclusion of notes using the Note Assistant, the respective notes must be compared/adjusted. If it is not absolutely clear which note caused the object to be changed, you can use the Modification Browser SE95 to perform a search: Expand the subtree "Note Corrections" and then use the search function to search for the object name.


Then i try thorugh SPAU and SE95 in SE95 when I click on modification adjusment it system open the transaction SPAU agin , but in SPAU how to adjust it or How system will allow to do the modifcation