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Sep 23, 2010 at 11:15 PM

Access Sequence level local variables


Easy problem, hopefully easy fix as well:

In ECC pricing, if we modify a communication structure field within an Access Sequence Requirement User Exit this change will only be valid for the duration of the Access Sequence that the Requirement was attached to.

Once we step further to the following access sequences or to the next condition type this change is no longer there.

Now, let's jump to CRM and try to replicate the same.

By default the same Requirement User Exit doesn't allow us to modify the communication structure, however there is a workaround for this...but so far no luck in finding a way to make this change only within the scope of the access sequence the requirements user exit is attached to.

So the question: Can we in CRM, modify the communication structure in a manner that the change only applies to the access sequence that the requirement user exit is attached to?

And "no" is a valid answer, if you know this for a fact.

Next step is to build a local installation of IPC, get the sources and verify it from code with a debugger...but we really don't want to do that (not THAT keen on knowing the details of the pricing engine 😊).

And we are operating on CRM 7.