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Sep 23, 2010 at 07:34 PM

GR Date for Delivery Schedule line


Vendor On-Time Delivery Report

We have vendor On-Time Delivery report requirement, where we rate the

goods-delivery of a vendor as "On-Time" or "Early" or "Late". The

rating is given based on the difference between "Statistical Delivery

date" and "GR date" (in the PO/Scheduling Agreement).

In case of Scheduling Agreement (SA) we have to give delivery rating

for each Delivery Schedule Line - Based on the difference

between "Statistical Delivery date" and "GR date"

The Goods Receipt is done at Schedule line item level and not at

Delivery Schedule Item level, the GR date is not populated at Delivery

Schedule Line level and we are not able to find the GR date for each

Delivery Schedule Line.

Once we get the "GR date" at SA Delivery Schedule line level, then from

the difference between this date and "Statistical Delivery" date, we

can rate the delivery of vendor as "On-Time" or "Early" or "Late".

Is there any way that we can populate/get the GR date (GR creation date) for each delivery

schedule line?

Thanks in advance.