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Sep 23, 2010 at 03:21 PM

Does License Validation Service use Windows Management Instrumentation?


Hi all,

Since we have started the License Validation Service a few days ago on our SQL server the system database msdb grows about 3.2 GB. We have seen that since the service has started the service SQL/Notifications/ProcessWMIEventProviderNotification/v1.0 puts events in a special queue named WMIEventProviderNotificationQueue in database msdb. In the meantime we have over 800.000 events there.

Here it is explained how it works:

Understanding the WMI Provider for Server Events

We found our problem described here (in german language)

Unexpected massive growing of mdsb

Our productive system is on a vitual machine with 2 drives. Because of this problem on the system drive c is no space available.

Did someone else have seen this problem?

Kind regards

Bernhard Stuebner