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Former Member
Sep 23, 2010 at 03:16 PM

PutAway Confusion


Here is my situation.

I have a fully HU managed Warehouse under a unique HU managed SLoc (with a non HU managed Partner Sloc)

Everything works ok.

But I have a specific requirement for PutAway and I cannot get it to work. I am looking for somebody to tell me if itrstf it can be done through config only and if so, how.

I have been testing all kind of combinations to no avail.

Requirement : I need to putaway my HUs based on the following logic

!- Storage Type placement Indicator : it works fine

- SU Type: it works fine

- NOW i want to follow this logic :

- if the same material is in a BIN in this storage type an in the proper SU type, I want to add my HU to the same BIN (add to stock)

- If the material is not in this storage type, I want to go to next empty BIN.

Here is my understanding of problem : I cannot use Open Storage as everything will go in same BIN

I have to use either ADD to STOCK or NEXT EMPTY BIN and Capacity check

Can any body tell me how to configure it so that I can achieve desired result?