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Sep 23, 2010 at 01:34 PM

posting partial payments from FB01 and F.13 instead of FB05



I need to post a partial payment using the interface as as there are no standard idocs/bapis

available and FM POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING does not work with partial payments as I need

I was wondering if anyone can confirm that my workaround would be correct

here it is:

as soon as I receive a partial payment I post it not using FB05 but using FB01

where I post the payment document type with banking line and invoice referece on the customer line

then when I reiceve the final payment I just start F.13 and the documents get cleared - so it works

but I'm wodering if anyone ever used it this same way? 😊 so FB01 instead of FB05 and then F.13

thank you for any inputs,


Michal Krawczyk