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Sep 23, 2010 at 12:50 PM

flow of down payments from PO to WBS to AUC



How is down payment value settled to AUC from the WBS assigned in the PO? We have a scenario where 2 separate down payment documents at different dates were posted against a PO. What we observe in CJI3 is that we have just 1 down payment document available against the WBS and which also gets settled to AUC on running CJ88 but the other down payment document does not appear in the CJI3 report of the same WBS (in a way does not hit the WBS and hence is not settled to AUC) .

Also, after posting the down payments in a PO, when we try to clear them using F-54 and process open down payment items we see the field WBS is populated only against 1 of the 2 down payment documents posted and hence we could see the same in CJi3. Why is it happening or what is it that is being missed here?