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Sep 23, 2010 at 12:48 PM

DropdownListBox doesn't keep selected values


Greetings experts!

I am facing one problem respecting htmlb:dropdownlistbox.

In my application I have a few fields to introduce parameters and search some values. The display is like this:



!/| (dropdown)



!/| (dropdown)


Table with results of the search

The problem I have is that both dropdowns are empty after pushing the button. ¿Is there a way to keep the selected values selected?

This is the code of one of the dropdowns:

<htmlb:dropdownListBox id = "SUBTIPO_LOG_DROP"

selection = "<%= disp_subtipo_log %>" >

<htmlb:listBoxItem key ="<%= 'BLAN'%>" value ="<%= ' '%>" />

<htmlb:listBoxItem key ="<%= 'CMAS'%>" value ="<%= 'Carga masiva'%>" />

<htmlb:listBoxItem key ="<%= 'AAUT'%>" value ="<%= 'Agrupación automática'%>" />


I get the selected value using

DATA: drop_subtipo TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_dropdownlistbox.

drop_subtipo ?= cl_htmlb_manager=>get_data( request = runtime->server->request

name = 'dropdownListBox'


me->disp_subtipo_log = drop_subtipo->selection.

I have tried using combobox and using an inner table replacing the listBoxItems and got no results. I have search and didn't found anything that helps me.

Please, help me!!

Best regards.