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Mar 01, 2019 at 03:05 PM

Customizing Installation Variables in GUI 760 Installation Server


Hey guys,

I'm a recent co-op student who's been put in charge of configuring and eventually leading the rollout of the new GUI 7.60. We are looking into moving from local to server-based SAPUILandscape.xml files for easier distribution and management.

I can see in the Installation Server when creating a package that you are able to customize the registry entries and roll them into the single-file installer (rather than going through the Desktop team) using "Package Configuration" > "Package Parameters", and clicking "Modify Parameters". I was successfully able to add the path to the shared XML file and it shows up in the Package Configuration tab, mark the package as updated, and save, but when you switch to the Properties tab, the registry change does not appear (still shows "NONE").

Is anybody familiar with using this tool? Any help would be appreciated!