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Former Member
Sep 23, 2010 at 07:53 AM

Queues in READY status for no apparent reason


Dear All,

This question has been posted many times but never saw a conclusive answer on this forum.

To repeat, I see queues being built in READY status in APO inbound for no apparent reason.

All settings of scheduler being fine (SMQS - Type R), there are large number of queues awaiting to be manually unlocked from READY status and they get cleared on unlock. There are no waiting queues but still entries in say an update of a stock queue are like 70+. I am able to clear them manually but that would be stupidity when I am talking of 30K queues build up thus.

Its not that not a single queue is moving. Some are getting processed (RUNNING) on their own but thats at snails speed as compared to the queues in READY.

I have scheduled the report /SAPAPO/RCIFRESTART that seems to have scheuled something in the background but I cant trace that job.

Please help.