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Former Member
Sep 23, 2010 at 07:33 AM

Adding PDF's the the SRM-MDM catalog UI



I've got the request to add pdf's to some product in de SRM-MDM catalog UI.

After a lot of effort I did got it to work but have some questions:

1) to obtain the url for the PDF I had to add the object 'PDF' to the UI and copie the URL, (change the slaches from backword to forward) and paste the url in the URL-field of the hyperlink Qualified look-up table in the Datamanager.

Is there an other way to obtain the url?

2) after adding the object 'Hyperlink' to the positionview of the UI there is also a frame for a image visible, but it's empty with the message 'No image available'.

Is it possible to get rid of the image frame or to add the image of the PDF to it?

Hope there's some one who can answer my questions.

Thanks in advance!