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Feb 28, 2019 at 12:43 PM

Maintenance of SAP products on-prem vs cloud


Hi SAP Community,

I'm not finding a clear guide table that lists SAP end of maintenance for all products (on-prem+cloud).

In particular I can find on PAM only on-prem products. But not cloud ones. I've been told that the longest maintenance SAP is providing for a product is 2030, but I do not know if that includes both on-prem and cloud.

So SFSF is not supported beyond 2030? And what about concur? Or s/4 hana?

I noted from several sap meetings that for HCM the current scenario applies:

  • The future of On-Prem customers for current version is to move to Hana DB before 2025 (support of this version ends).
  • By 2023 a new version will be released on Hana only for HCM (called today “sidecar”) will require a technical upgrade similar to a traditional onprem upgrade, new version only be available on Hana
  • This new version as announced will have support for 2030 (at least), so roadmap and continuity is guaranteed same as for ECP.