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Sep 23, 2010 at 05:46 AM

Error in Pre-Prod System


Hi Epxerts,

In our project we are using CMS system for transporting purpose.

But as it is a 3-tier system we are using it only for DEV(DXG),Quality(QXG),Prod(PXG) and we are using file system transports for transporting into Pre-Prod(AXG) system.

The flow is like DXG >QXG >AXG-->PXG.

By uisng CMS we transported the DEV objects into QXG and by using file system tranport method the same DEV objects have been transported to AXG system from DXG system.

Please let me know if I'm right here i.e., transpoting from DXG to AXG (or) should I do it from QXG to AXG.

After importing into AXG we are getting the following error in the "cache notifications" option of Environment Menu and also in the communication channel in the Adapter Engine Coloumn nothing is being displayed ((but usually "Integration Server" will be displayed in this coloumn)).

Unable to determine the name of the central Adapter Engine from the System Landscape Directory at this time. Notifications to the central Adapter Engine are therefore listed using the technical name of the Adapter Engine. This is usually structured as follows: af.<SAP System ID>.<Name of application server>