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Sep 22, 2010 at 09:14 PM

Wedypro ABAP, MVC, Function Module Call: Practical Application


From what I understand of Model View Controller, Function Module Calls which read data should be called from the COMPONENT CONTROLLER.

However, if I have a simple application that just needs to read some data (based on Window import parameter), and throw it up in a view, what is the techical runtime difference between:

1. Read Window Import Parameter, Read Data via FM, and Populate View Context -- ALL FROM WINDOW PLUG HANDLER

2. Read WIndow Import Paramter, Call Method in Component Controller (that Reads Data via FM), and Populate View Context

If WDA works like ABAP, we know that the FM will reside on the app server, and the data is on the database server.

Is there any technical (performance) difference in where the Function is called (Window or Component Controller) ??


- Tim