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Sep 22, 2010 at 05:47 PM

Product interchangeability in CTM



I am working on Product interchangeability in CTM in SCM 5.0

I have a PPM with 2 components in it. One component A is predecessor and B is successor. A is valid until 30.12.2010 and B starts on 31.12.2010 and valid until 31.12.9999

I created a interchangeability group type Suppression chain with A as predecessor and B as successor with the following settings

Valid-from Date 01.11.2010

Direction Forward

Use-up Strategy Yes

In the CTM profile there are couple of configs that i did to consider this interchangeability.

1. Product interchangeability: Use Discontinuation (Strategies tab)

2. Product interchangeabilty: Use Discontinuation (Master data selection)

When i am running the CTM, even though there is enough demand on A after 01.11.2010 and supply shortage on B after 01.11.2010, it is not creating any substitution orders...rather it is creating purchase req's using up supplies of A

Not sure if i am missing any setitngs here...Any ideas??