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Sep 22, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Automatic Selected Item of List Builder Component Does not work (anymore)


Hi all,

Í'm working with Xcelsius Engage 2008 (version and the automatic selection of an item at runtime of the list builder component does not work anymore. In a previous version it worked very well.

Here's the case: at runtime I want that the list builder component automatically puts the first item in the list to the destination section and selects it, so that a graph can show the underlying pushed data. In the previous version it worked o.k., but now at runtime the destination section remains empty at startup. If I interactively select an item from the source section to the destination section and update the list builder, the data is shown correctly, but it must done automatically, which worked o.k. in an earlier version of Xcelsius 2008...

This are my settings of the list builder component (which was running correctly earlier..):

-at the general tab I defined a range of labels

-at the general tab I defined 2 data column insertion series

-at the behaviour-common tab I defined selected items: position mode; items: the first item of the label list; insert items at runtime

-all of the data comes from an external xml data source

You can find an example of the visualisation at: . You will see that at start-up there is no item visible and selected in the destination section of the list builder....

I've tried every combinations of settings, build up the component from scratch, but its not working (anymore).

Greetings Erik-Jan Vriens