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Sep 22, 2010 at 12:59 AM

Error XPRA_EXECUTION - ORA-01693: max # extents (505) reached lob segment



I´m facing with an error during phase XPRA_EXECUTION while an importing support packages (Stack 18) in SAP ECC 6.0 (with Oracle 10.2 / Win 2003). When I checked the import log I see there was a problem with a job RDDEXECL. In job details it say that was an error... and when I checked ST22 and SM21 I see there some weird things/errors...

The transaction ST22 show this:


Database error text........: "ORA-01693: max # extents (505) reached in lob segment SAPR3.SYS_LOB0000143075C00005$$" Internal call code.........: "[RSQL/178/FPLAYOUTT ]"

And tcode SM21 display a lot of errors with this description:

Database error 1693 at UPD access to table FPLAYOUTT     
> ORA-01693: max # extents (505) reached in lob segment  
> SAPR3.SYS_LOB0000143075C00005$$                        
Run-time error "DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR" occurred            
> Short dump "100921 232226 beja015_DEV_00 DDIC " created
Transaction Canceled 00 671 ( DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR )

So.. I search this error "ORA-01693: max # extents (505)" and I found note 533455 (Terminations due to higher number of extents) which contain some information about ORA-01693... and it seems to me that are a problem maybe with table FPLAYOUTT because I guess something is not well in definition of MAXEXTENTS or LOBS (I don´t know)...

Can you help me please... I don´t understand what are MAXEXTENTS and if this is in fact the problem, how can I solve this situation... I´m not an Oracle expert... can you guide me please which actions I should do to correct this issue!

Best regards,

João Dimas - Portugal