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Sep 21, 2010 at 04:46 PM

Notification task not created


Hello Experts,

We have recently upgraded our system to ECC. The following problem occurs only in Production of ECC Version. But not in earlier version or current version of development and quality systems. All the workflow and customization are correct.

I have a situation like below:

I am creating a Notification (say N1) in Transaction IW21 with a task XXX1.Then i save it.

After i save it, It will trigger a workflow for approving the task. So, I am approving the task XXX1 from my SAP inbox.

After my approval, the workflow will create a new task XXX2 for the notification N1.

Now, if i approve this task XXX2, it should create the task XXX3.

But the problem is, it is creating XXX2 again for the notification N1.

This problem occurs only when i create the notification and approve the task on the same day.

For example, yesterday, i have created a notification NYESTERDAY with task XXX1, XXX2, XXX2, XXX2. Since i was not able to go to XXX3 i left my tasks yesterday. But today i have tried to approve XXX2 of NYESTERDAY. And today, I am able to generate XXX3 for NYESTERDAY.

So, i dont know whether some background job causes this problem. Or COMMIT_WORK = 'X' should be given in mail for approving the task or some other thing. Please help me what could be the problem.

Thanks and Best Regards,