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Sep 21, 2010 at 12:45 PM

Batch search strategy - Classifn is not getting triggered in the batch


Hello Experts,

I want to implement new batch search strategy for inventory management,I'm doing below steps

Strategy type:-startegy would be on SLED and date of last goods receipt,I've created new characteristics for both the criterias with field values VFDAT and LWEDT from the table MCHA respectively,I've assigned this charst to the class.

Maintained batch search procedure and assigned the strategy type.

I've maintained batch search strategy in MBC1

Assigned the class in the material master.

However whenever I post the GR the classification field of the batch master remains blank,I want to have those characteristics values in the batch master,I'm not sure if i'm missing any steps here.

Your early response would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a million in advance!