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HR Scenario : Payroll

Hi All,

Please explain if the below scenario is possible in SAP.

I have one company code u2013 US company code with USD currency assigned

Below this company code u2013 I have multiple Personnel Areas with different country locations- Ex US 2 personnel areas UK 1, Japan 2u2026.

(All these personnel areas are assigned to US company code with the country grouping 10)

Now I can create one pay scale structure for US Personnel area with US currency assigned and US country grouping assigned and one pay scale structure for UK or Japan with respective currency code and country grouping assigned. These pay scale structure are assigned to respective personnel areas.

Now the question is if I hire one employee under US personnel area and another employee in UK/Japan personnel area. Is it possible to run payroll and do the posting these employees with out any error/conflict. Assume that we have separate GL for US and separate GL for UK.

Thanks in advance.


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3 Answers

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    Sep 21, 2010 at 10:19 AM


    SAP payroll triggers payroll driver depending on molga/country grouping assigned to employee (MOLGA-Personnel Area-Employee). Thus if you assign employee to personnel area that is assigne to molga 10 (USA) you cannot run UK or other non-USA payroll driver for that employee. If you cannot run country driver you cannot calculate payroll.

    So in your case if all employees under molga 10 (check table V_T500P) then you will not be able to run UK or Japanese payroll for them.

    In order to be able to do that you have to assign dedicated molga/country grouping to UK or Japanese personnel areas (table V_T500P)


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    Sep 21, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    Hi ,

    Payroll is country specific. We define company codes , Personnel area and Personnel Subarea country specific. For US as

    10 is the Molga Grouping. WE cant define UK Personnel Area for US as the country grouping is different. We cant create Personnel area.

    Only thing we can do is we can hire a person in US and Transfer him to UK.

    Probably this provide the solution



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  • Sep 21, 2010 at 05:16 PM

    I'm not familiar with American Taxation Rules nor with "Expatriates", but what you said sounds like all your employees are american (MOLGA=10) but some of them are working in other countries.

    You also mentioned that your Company is set-up for U$D, and having all employees in MOLGA 10 means that you can only Calculate Payroll with RPCALCU0.

    Each Personnel Area can have it's own PayScale Structure and Posting Parameters, and there should be no problem calculating payroll even if there are many Personnel Areas in a single Payroll Accounting Area.

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