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Sep 21, 2010 at 07:03 AM

Error running BW report frm InfoView when pwd initialized/changed in BW


Hi Experts,

We encountered error "A database error occured. THe databse error text is: unable to connect to sap bw server name or password is incorrect (repeat logon) (WIS 10901)" when we tried to run a BW report from InfoView. We realize this happens only when the user's password is initialized or has been changed in BW.

In our landscape, users SSO into InfoView via Windows Authentication. SSO between InfoView to BW is via SNC.

The error is gone after loggin into InfoView through non-SSO method, then selecting "SAP authentication" method and login

with new BW credentials. It seems like there' s a cache in BOBJ server containing the user's BW credentials. However, this is not a realistic scenario since users change their passwords frequently and we cannot expect them to login to InfoView with SAP authentication each time there is a password change. The requirement is that they are to SSO into InfoView using Windows Authentication.

Similar to when password is initialized, it requires user to login to BW to change the password, then login to InfoView using SAP authentication to "sync" up the credentials. This kinda defeats the purpose of SSO isn't it? Anyone has any solution to this?