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Sep 21, 2010 at 12:14 AM

Relationships between vendors


Dear all,

Our legacy vendors have been migrated and split into 3 different account groups (001/002/003).

=> 001's are our main suppliers. Most of their views have been created: in the company code and the purchasing organization.

=> 002's are our ordering addresses. They are not created in the purchasing organization.

=> 003's are our payees. They are not created in the purchasing organization either.

We are (of course) able to assign the 002's and 003's to our 001's vendors.

However we also need to link the 003's to the 002's.


There is one 001 code created for a given main vendor.

This vendor has two ordering addresses on the West coast and two ordering addresses on the East coast (it has therefore four 002 codes in total).

The two vendors on the West coast have the same payee code and the two vendors on the East coast have another payee code (in total, this 001 vendor has two 003 codes).

In the 001 vendor master record, the partner functions (OA & PI) of all the ordering addresses and payees can be added.

However, how can each payee be linked to its proper ordering addresses - without creating the ordering addresses (002) in the purchasing organization?


Annabelle R.