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Profiler Server Login failed - how to troubleshoot?


All my attempts to get a profile server working so far have been in vain. I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers to get this resolved.

1. Create database on MS SQL Server 2005 - successful

2. Generate Profiler repository using Data Services Repository Manager - successful

3. Add profiler in admin console - successful

4. Create jobserver for profiler - successful

The profiler is visible in the admin console (both in 'profiler' and in 'management -> repositories')

In the management section it says repository type 'profiler' on localhost.

In the 'server manager' tool, I can see a new jobserver on port 3510 which is associated with the profiler repository.

I have restarted the jobserver several times now.

When I open Data Services Designer and hoover over the profiler server icon it says:

'profiler server localhost:3510 not running'

I try to connect using tools > Profile Server login and specify:

Host: localhost

Port: 3510

Clicking the 'test' button results in:

'The following error(s) occurred while checking the Profiler Server availability:


In Windows 'Taskmanager' I can see three al_jobserver.exe instances.

I have two local repositories, each with their own jobserver, and one profiler jobserver, so this all adds up.

All jobservers have different ports (3501, 3502 and 3510)

In the log directory there are logs for all jobservers, including the one linked to the profiler.

There is no error in server_eventlog_2010-09-20.txt and I haven't found an obvious error anywhere else.

I have looked in the tomcat manager tool but that only shows that DataServices is running, not which jobservers are actually running.

Is there anything else I can check, and, more importantly, what do I need to do to get this fixed so I can actually use the profiler?



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    Posted on Sep 20, 2010 at 05:57 PM

    I think in the profiler login screen you are entering the job server machine and port, that is not correct, you have to enter the DataServices WebServer and its port (Management Console), enter the machine on which tomcat is installed and port on which its listening

    Profiling tasks are managed by DS Webserver, and executed by Profiler Job server, Designer acts a WebService Client for profiler web-services so it need the Web-Server details (hostname, port, profiler user/password)

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    • Hey Manoj,

      You're a star!

      I first changed the server name to local host and port to 28080 and it is working - using my laptop as a profile server.

      (I have a local database for DS repositories including a profiler DB)

      Then I changed it to the server with the correct port number for the tomcat installation and that works as well.

      Many many thanks!