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Sep 20, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Display Planning data (for demand planning) in another UoM


Hi All,

The Planning area UoM is in "L". We have products whose base UoM is KG and some in L. In BW we convert all to L and load into Planning area.

The Product master is CIFed to APO and has the conversion between L and KG.

we have a requirement to view the planning data in Kilo tons i.e 1,000,000 KG.

Have maintained a Mass UoM called ZKT in CUNI transaction and maintained the conversion that 1ZKT = 1,000,000 KG. Also have defined an ISO code for the same.

Now when we load the data in the planning book the default UoM is L. When we go to user setting and maintain alternate UoM as Tons "TO", the system converts the data to tons and displays it. no matter what is the criteria used in header selection.

But when we try to display data as ZKT UoM get a error msg that conversion from L to ZKT is not possible as the conversion is not maintained in Product master.

But when we select material code (SKU) as the show condition and also in the filter condition use material code (SKU) and make a selection, the system converts the planning data from L to ZKT.

The question is when the system can convert L to TO at any character level as long as the product master has the L to KG conversion, why is not able to convert L to ZKT.

Why is the system able to convert L to ZKT for individual SKU's and only when the show condition is Material code (SKU).

Would appreciate your quick reply.