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Sep 20, 2010 at 08:12 AM

Error in file ...rpt : Database Connector Error


Hello everyone,

I recently came across a strange problem whose source i can't find. I am using printToPrinter function to print a report to a printer. My application prints more than 300 reports continuously one after the other. The way i do this is as follows:

1. I create the datasource in

2. I insert the datasource in crystal reports datasource property

3. I call printToprinter

4. I close and dispose the ReportDocument object that i use to do the previous steps.

5. I continue to the next report and so on...

When i run the application from my development machine the reports print successfully. When my client whose pc is far away tries to print, sometimes and not always, one of the reports crashes in the line of code where i have put the printToPrinter method and the error is :

Error in file c:\windows\temp\myreport.rpt :

Database Connector Error

Does anyone know what causes this strange behavior? And why does this happen occasionally?

Thanks a lot in advance!