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Sep 17, 2010 at 09:51 PM

V_T7XSSPERBIZFLC doesnt influence portal Biz card view


I am trying to show IT0009-ZLSCH on biz card view on Bank Details overview screen at ESS.

I maintained entry at V_T7XSSPERBIZFLC but still it doesnt have any impact.

1. I tried to see where the underlying table of this view(T7XSSPERBIZFLDC) is being used. I found a method CL_HRPA_PERNR_INFTY_XSS->READ_BIZCARDFIELDS_METADATA. When I put an external breakpoint here, it never stops when I open bank details view.

2. At java webdynpro, I found the following code where biz cards are writtern. I think its hardcoded to display only 3 fields always.

String bizcardField1 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField1");
String bizcardField2 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField2");
String bizcardField3 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField3");

fieldInfo = new BizcardFieldInfo[] { new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField1, "Emftx"), 
					new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField2, "Banka"), 
					new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField3, "Bankn")};


So I think though I change anything in the view V_T7XSSPERBIZFLC, its not going to change as its hardcoded in java webdynpro and this view is never read in the process of generating biz cards.

Am I correct?