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Sep 17, 2010 at 03:45 PM

Problem previewing dashboard


Hi Guys,

Using Xcelsius Engage, I have created a simple pie chart in my dashboard with data imported from Excel 2003, the data itself was imported from an XML file. When I preview the dasboard everything seems to be fine. However after configuring the XML Data connection, the preview no longer works. All that is displayed is the outline rectangle, the chart title and the small coloured squares to the right. The XML Data connection was configured as follows:

Name: OrderConnection

XML DATA URL: C:\Orders\XML\orders.xml

MIME Type: text/xml

Enable Load is ticked, Name and Range set

Refresh before components loaded is ticked

Refresh every 5s ticked

The XML file 'Orders.xml' looks like the following:


<variable name="MyRange">


<Customer>ABC Co</Customer>

<Address>123 Main</Address>









<Customer>YXZ Co</Customer>

<Address>234 State</Address>










Also, is the use of Excel 2003 suitable for importing XML data? Should this data be converted into a different format before use?I am able to import the data from Excel 2003 (ie data originally in XML format) but I am not sure whether additional steps are required to ensure that any changes in the XML file are reflected in the Excel data and subsequently in the dashboard.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.