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Sep 17, 2010 at 08:02 AM

Delete obsolete tablespace after upgrade to EHP4 ?


Dear all

My OS : Redhat Eterprise 5.4 64bit

My ERP : ERP 6.0 EHP4 Ready (release 701)

My DB : DB2 v9.1 FP8

I have upgraded my system from EHP4 (Rel 701) Ready to EHP4 (Rel 701) -> successfully

Extra information : The EHP4 Ready and EHP4 systems are of same release - 701

the 'X' suffix tablespaces were created as prompted by the installer

And during upgrade, manual actions require creation of the below 4 tablespaces with different initial sizes





After upgrading, I used SAP statement (one in the upgrade guide in section post-processing) to find which all tablespaces are obsolete as below :

db2 "select tbspace from syscat.tablespaces TS where TS.tbspace like '%E%<rel>%' and not exists ( select 1 from syscat.tables where tbspace = TS.tbspace or index_tbspace = TS.tbspace or long_tbspace = TS.tbspace )"

Output command:

SID#EL701D with Total 425.984 KB - %Used 1.94 (not empty after upgraded)

SID#EL701I with Total 32.768 KB - % Used 25.29 (not empty after upgraded)

SID#ES701D with Total 29.589.504 KB - % Used 0.03 (not empty after upgraded)

SID#ES701I with Total 5.210.112 KB - % Used 0.16 (not empty after upgraded)

Can I delete all these obsolete tablespaces above to recover the space when these tablespace with status not empty?

Please advise me to reslove this issue

Thanks and regards