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Sep 17, 2010 at 07:28 AM

Remove company code specific transaction data


Hi All,

I am into this new project, which is actually a de-merger. i.e, firm1 is having about 100 company codes in a single client. Now, firm2 aquires one of these companies. Both the firms are using SAP. The purpose is to take a copy of all the data related to the specific company code (say company code XYZ) from SAP system of firm1 and then move it to SAP system of firm2.

I am having a copy of the production system of firm1 as such. Means, I will be having a server with data of all 100 company codes. Now, I have to delete all the transaction data related to all company codes other than company code XYZ. What actually is the best method to achieve this?

I was thinking about data archiving. i.e., archiving the data related to company codes other than XYZ and then deleting the arhive file. Is this the best approach? Or is there any other methods available?

Even while archiving, we have to go through all the available objects? Or any other easy method is there? As I had gone through tcode OBR1 which deletes all FI-CO related data. Does this program have the same effect as using all the FI & CO related archiving objects one by one? If yes, is there any similar approach for other modules (SD, MM, PS,....) also??