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Sep 17, 2010 at 03:48 AM

Automate data load from BPC cube to BW cube


Hi Gurus,

I've got all my budgeting & forecasting data in BPC cube. Now I need to load it to a BW cube and combine with Actuals in another BW cube through Multiprovider and build reports on the multiprovider.

My question is:

What is the best way to automate the loading process of BPC cube data to BW cube ??

I should also be able to load the property values of BPC dimensions to the BW info objects.

The methods I followed are:

1. Run "Export" data package and load BPC data to a CSV file and run BW DTP/infopackage to process the CSV file into BW cube. Problem with this is - I canot automate these two steps, and even if I did, I cannot export property values to a flat file.

2. Build transformations directly from BPC cube to an Infosource and from Infosource to BW cube. Problem with this is - in the transformations I cannot use the rule: "Read Master Data". I may have to write a routine, but my ABAP is not good enuf.

Please help with an alternative solution