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Sep 16, 2010 at 11:09 PM

Revaluation of COGS - Material Ledger



We are going to implement material ledger in one of our Company and its assigned plants.

When we run CKMLCP, we have an opportunity to revaluate the materials in the closed period with periodic unit price. This gives a journal entry viz., Inventory A/c Dr. and ML Revaluation A/c. Cr. and if decided not to revaluate then the journal entry is Accrual - ML a/c. Dr. and ML Revaluation A/c. Cr.

If Semi-finished goods and Finished Goods are revaluated by periodic unit price, I presume that SFG or FG A/c. will be debited and ML Revaluation A/c. Cr.

My question is how COGS is revaluated, when CKMLCP Costing run carried out with a check mark in Revaluate COGS? What is COGS revaluation in Material Ledger?

Is this only relavant for COPA valuation and mapping? Is there any Financial GL entry occurs?

I couldn't see anywhere in the SAP documentation showing a journal entry in Financial books for COGS?

Am I missing something.. kindly clarify...