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Former Member
Sep 16, 2010 at 03:19 AM

STPPOD - DELVRY03 -GR Status Update in SNC


When we create an ASN in SNC with single material, mutiple line items corresponding to different PO's with a specific delivery date and when we post GR in ECC against this ASN and to send POD status update to SNC when RSMIPROACT batch job is run - We are noticing GR status update is happeing for the material in one line item with one PO but the other line item for the same material with different PO is not getting status update.

when we checked the ECC - DELVRY03 -Idocs they are getting generated only for single line item of ASN not for other line item.

Note : This scenario is with ASN with multiple line items here the Material is only one - Each line item has same material but different PO and whole of ASN would be with specific delivery date.

Can any one pls let me know if an ASN with multiple line items ( for single material) when GR is posted and when we send the GR status info (POD) to SNC thru Batch job - how it works.

I have checked PO history for the 2 PO's of same material - it is getting updated correctly.

Would appreciate your immediate help.