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Sep 15, 2010 at 09:47 PM

Managing transports while upgrading from 200 to 7.0


Hi guys,

A client of ours is running CRM 2007 and we are in the process of rolling this solution out to sales companies - more or less one by one. Lets call this "Project 1". At the same time we are going to start a new CRM project focusing on field sales. This new project requires CRM 7.0 meaning we have to upgrade from CRM 2007 to CRM 7.0. Lets call this "Project 2".

The system landscape consists of DEV, QAS and PRD.

Problem is that the Project 1 schedule is pretty tight and does not leave much room for upgrade tests - on the other hand we want to get going with project 2. Now the Project 1 is being tested in QAS and we are wondering is it would be possible to start the upgrade of the DEV system for Project 2. However we must still be able to do corrections for Project 1 in DEV and get them via QAS into PRD

My question: Is it posible to make corrections in a CRM 7.0 DEV system and transport these changes to a CRM 2007 QAS system or is there some sort of "version check"

Kind regards