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Sep 15, 2010 at 07:47 PM

FTP file from BW to external partner



We have a BW report which produces a flat file, this file we would like to ftp from a give internal server to an external partner by FTP. What is the best way of acheiving this? Can we for instance use RFC (our partner is not using SAP - is this a needed for using RFC?). If RFC is to be used what settings needs to be done? I also tought of implementing a small Z-program which could be used - is this a better idea? If so - anyone have any sample programs we could take a look at? If we should use this Z-program for different customers what would be the approach to use same z-program for all customers without hardcoding ftp-servers to connect to, user name and pw and catalogues to put the files? Finally I thought we could create a small ftp-script outside SAP and run as a scheduled task on application server - maybe not the best idea since we would need x numbers of script for each customer to send files to?

Any input would be fine.....