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Sep 15, 2010 at 03:06 PM

Changing a custom report to be time sensitive



I posted this in FI too thought the MM people might have some inputs as to how to correct the Zvenclass if we use the standard SAP field on the accounting view table LFB1 MINDK minority indicator

We need to change the custom report zvenclass, it is a report that tells us the amount spent for each vendor in a specific class. I have the date/time sensistive information for the amount spent but not the change in vendor class from the vendor master. I need this to be date driven too. As in if a vendor is a small business in 2005 and you change the vendor to be a large vendor in 2011. Then I want the report for dates and values in 2008 to show small business and the dates and values in 2011 to show large business.

The assignment is not time dependent, it has to be manually changed.

I did see through the CDHDR and CDPOS tables, but could not pinpoint to the changes in the valuation classes.

Is there any other way if I can find whether I can find the changes?

Now I did review the values from the custom tables, here I find that there is a difference in the sum totals of the postings when I add up the individual years compared to the consolidated report (for ex: 200720082009 is not equal to 2007 to 2009) so am I right in assuming that the system does account for the changes. Any other help in this regard would be appreciated.

Any inputs on this will be appreciated.