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Sep 15, 2010 at 01:27 PM

Ref. Tracking Original JE which has been Reversed.


Hi Friends,

Is it possible to track an original journal transaction number from the reversed journal .

Does SAP B1 provide any link to identify the original Journal.

Note :1304853 does not help, because the remarks field in the JE has been used with data

For Ex:

Original journal remark : ejgdvkanjvnafufhbuoaffh boiuouaf buafydf

Reversed journal Remarks : ejgdvkanjvnafufhbuoaffh boiuouaf buafydf(Reversal)

( Missing the original number / If the data was not entered (Reversal) - 'XXX' ) Now, how can this be tracked is there any link to track the Original reversed JE which will be cancelled.

Any suggestion will be of great help.