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Sep 15, 2010 at 06:49 AM

Automatic Calculation of Penalty in MIRO


Hi Experts,

The scenario is as follows :-

A Purchase Order for procurement of coal is placed say 100 tonnes of coal @ Rs. 20/- per tonne. The freight cost say Rs. 10 per tonne is maintained in condition tab of PO. A transport vendor is assigned in freight tab while creating the Goods Receipt against the freight condition maintained in PO.

The transporter is allowed a tolerance of 0.5% on the PO Quantity. i.e. the transporter has to delivered at least 99.5 tonnes of coal. Suppose he delivered 90 tonnes of coal. Then there is a short fall of (99.5 - 90 = 9.5 tonnes).

GR is prepared for 90 tonnes for which the freight cost will be Rs. 10/- per tonne x 90 tonnes = Rs. 900/-.

A penalty amount of (Rs. 10 per tonne X 9.5 tons x 1.5 = Rs. 142.50/-) is to be deducted from Rs. 900/- and amount to be paid to vendor is Rs. 900/ - Rs. 142.50/- = Rs. 757.50/-.

The client wants to deduction the amount of penalty automatically at the time of MIRO. In the MIRO after entering all the details and the user click on the Simulate button and financial entries are displayed, the entries should display the amount Rs. 757.50 instead of Rs. 900/- and post the same amount after clicking on Post button in MIRO.

Please suggest a BADI, User exit or logic for this process or suggest a solution to configure this process.

Thanks & regards