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Sep 15, 2010 at 03:16 AM

Using Advanced Adapter Engine in PI 7.1 to design a ABAP proxy scenario



We are currently on XI 3.0 and have a scenario in production that is as follows

R3 --> EOIO (QOS ) --> XI ---> SQL DB A, SQL DB B, SQL DB C ( split in XI , message from R3 in EOIO sequence routed to three different sql servers ). We use this scenario to push master data change messages from R3 . Whenever we do a full push of masterial/customer master from R3, it takes a lot of time for XI to process the messages, the messages hopping from Integration server and then to J2EE server.

We are moving to PI 7.1 and want to use the AAE ( advanced adapter engine ) to avoid the integration server in the above scenario and thus cut out an additional hop and send the message from R3 directly to the AAE on PI 7.1 server

i.e R3 --> EOIO (QOS ) --> PI J2EE server(AAE ) -->SQL DB A, SQL DB B, SQL DB C .

I read in new PI 7.1 features that AAE has all features available in Integration server ( routing ,mapping ) and also XI adapter type based SOAP connectivity ( R3 --> PI http connection ) is possible using AAE.

In that case, can the above scenario in XI 3.0 be redesigned /reimplemented in PI 7.1 taking advantage of AAE and thus increasing the throughput ? Please advise with your thoughts and relevant documents on AAE on PI 7.1 with an example of implementation of the above scenario.