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Sep 15, 2010 at 03:15 AM

Condition behaves weird when cancell invoice


Hello Gurus:

I've create a condition (ZCST) that gets the value of certain steps in a Pricing Procedure. This conditions take 100% of the value.

When create F2 invoice the condition behaves ok, when cancell this invoice with S1, also behaves ok, but when cancel a Intercompany Billing IV (document IVS) the condition bring the value multipliedb by 100.


Billing Type= IV

PR00= 100

VPRS= 92

ZCST (100% of VPRS)=92

Billing Type= IVS

PR00= 100

VPRS= 92

ZCST (100% of VPRS)=9200

The funny thing is that only in this Intercompany scenario the condition behaves like that, in regular sales the condition brings the correct value.

I've checked copy control for billing to billing and I dont find IVS - IV combination.

Please any advice will be appreciated...