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Sep 14, 2010 at 04:48 PM

POR Swiss form output error


Message while printing POR swiss payoment form

Output cannot be redirected to this printer (see long text)

Message no. TD366


You tried to output a SAPscript spool request to an output device to which another device type is assigned than that for which the spool request was originally created.

System Response

The system does not allow the output to be redirected to this output device since the printout would be partially or completely incorrect due to the different device type.

The SAPscript spool data already contains printer-specific information (e.g names of print controls for font selection), which would cause incorrect fonts (too large, too small, other font type) in the printout if it was redirected to another device type. For this reason, you are not allowed to redirect output to a device type with a different printer driver.

If a spool request is redirected to a PostScript printer (device type POSTSCPT), PostScript errors (syntax errors) can occur leading to a termination of printing if certain print controls are missing.


Create a new spool request from the application used and assign the output device (printer) you require there.

any help would be appriciated