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Sep 14, 2010 at 12:58 PM

VOFM exits - how to link KOMP item to DLI items


Hi all,

We have a requirement to find any exchange rate differences in DP91 and post them as a newly created condition type. To this end I have read the DLI tables (in an enhancement point), exported the data to memory and then imported it again in a VOFM exit. My problem is how to link the current KOMP entry to the correct DLI entries. I found a tenuous link between KOMP-KPOSN and a field called POSNRVPK on the DLI table IT_VALITEM. (I say tenuous, because I am matching '000010' with '000001' - not pretty!). This doesn't always work, however. Occasionally when saving the billing request in DP91, the items seem to be sorted in a completely different order, and in order to get it to work I would need to link item 000025 with item 000130.

Can anyone offer some advice as to how the CO entries relate to the SD entries? Is there a way to link the two? Once the billing request has been created, I know there is a way to correlate the two, but at this early stage in the process, I am not so sure that a link exists.

Any help gratefully received,

J McClure