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Sep 14, 2010 at 06:33 AM

Weird MRP behavior - MD01 and MD02 not proposing the same


Weird MRP behavior.

I have an FG with a SFG as part of the BOM. The SFG is externally produced, and has a special procurement key for a different plant. I want for this SFG, a planned order be created before being converted into a PR

So when I run MD01 via plant, the parameter for "Create Purchase Requistion" is 3 Planned Orders. The prposal for the SFG is a Purchase Requisition (not a planned order), However when I run MD02 for single item-multi-level for the SFG, it creates a planned order, which is what I want to happen.

Why is this happening?

How can I set the system to do this via MD01